Product classification


                    Precision manufacturing, strict control

                    From mold to material processing, from parts to finished product assembly, complex processes, repeated testing, strict control of every detail.

                    Leakage protection to prevent accidental electric shock

                    In case of electric leakage fault of electric appliances and electric shock hazard of human body, the leakage protection plug / leakage protector can automatically cut off the power supply within tens of milliseconds, so as to protect people from electric shock and protect your life and property.

                    High temperature and flame resistance

                    The shell is molded with high-strength and flame-retardant engineering plastics, and its flame-retardant can reach ul94-v0 level, which is safe and reliable.

                    Professional testing, safe and reliable

                    With the only UL witness laboratory in the industry, professional testing level, advanced testing equipment, safe and reliable leakage protection plug / leakage protector, certified by many institutions, customers can use it safely!

                    APPLICATION AREA

                    Hairdressing Apparatus


                    Electric Tool

                    Small Home Appliances

                    ABOUT US

                    Zhongshan Kaper Electrical Co.,Ltd is a leakage current interrupter expert with more than ten year experience. Kaper is a Hi-tech Enterprise;Kaper is the Zhongshan Engineering and Technology Research and Development Center;Kaper is a menber of the low voltage electric appliance committee, We have participate drafting the PRCD standard GB20044<electrical Accessories-Portable Residual Current Devices Without Integral Over current Protection For Household And Similar Use PRCD>and GB29303<Switched Protective Earth Portable Current Devices For Class I And Battery Powered Vehicle Application>;

                    Company Culture

                    Corporate Structure

                    Company Profile

                    Quality Service


                      • Certificate of high tech enterprise
                      • Guangdong leakage protection engineering technology research center - Certificate - (1)
                      • Guangdong intellectual property advantage enterprise certificate
                      • Zhongshan municipal enterprise technology center certificate
                      • Patent of invention-3
                      • Patent of invention-2
                      • Patent of invention-1
                      • SAA certificate
                      • ISO9001-2015 certificate 3
                      • ISO9001-2015 certificate 2
                      • ISO9001-2015 certificate 1



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